About company

Perfection has no limits, and this is our way

Hi-Tech Solving sro:

Our company as Hi-Tech Solving was founded in 2019 by a group of partners who are professionally versed in business areas of the company, who have implemented a sufficient number of successful business projects in various fields, have gained invaluable experience and are well aware of the relevant markets.

The company develops its business activities in the markets of USA, Canada, Europe and Asia in such areas as:

  • strategic marketing;
  • digital marketing;
  • consulting;
  • software engineering;
  • automation;

We are ready to implement business ideas and projects, as in areas of activity known to us, and in new, interesting for us and for existing and future partners.

Hi-Tech Solving is a company that will help you to determine your goals and company potential, develop marketing strategy, coordinate all promo activities, optimize and automate the company’s processes, create or improve technologies chain, which will lead to the economic and strategic growth of the company.