Hi-Tech Solving – effective partnership for your growth

The main advantage of our company is not only a wide range of services and opportunities for partnerships. We also have highly qualified personnel, which allows us to develop the most effective solutions within the company, taking into account the real needs of our customers.

Analysis / Researches

Analysis of markets, competitors, potential, advantages and disadvantages of own products, as well as other targeted research.

Strategic marketing

Determination of company goals, strategic planning of marketing activities and criteria for their own growth.

Digital marketing

Full support for marketing activities, from the development of materials, to the organization and support of advertising campaigns and analytics.

Software development

Services for the development of software, mobile applications, integration of CRM systems, as well as infrastructure construction.


Enterprise automation and services automation to reduce operating costs for companies and effectiveness growth.

Business processes improvement

Analysis and optimization of the company’s business processes in order to improve performance.

Do you need a help?

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Hi-Tech Solving is a company that will help you to determine your goals and company potential, develop marketing strategy, coordinate all promo activities, optimize and automate the company’s processes, create or improve technologies chain, which will lead to the economic and strategic growth of the company.